Cellnex in Netherlands

Shere Masten, which joined Cellnex Telecom in September 2016, is an independent tower operator in The Netherlands. They own telecom sites for the distribution of mobile data communication and telecommunication. Their customers who rent our towers are the Dutch Mobile Network Operators KPN, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Tele2.

The Company was set up in 2012 and they own 465 towers, most of which were acquired from KPN in 2011 and 2012. The towers are distributed across the country and are being managed by a team of professionals from the centrally located office in Reeuwijk.






Towerlink Netherlands has 261 towers deployed throughout the Netherlands. 80% of these infrastructures are located in areas close to the main national road corridors, accentuating their appeal as a location for mobile operators’ equipment. The remaining 20% are located in urban and rural areas. It is worth pointing out that the sharing ratio of the Towerlink sites is 1.88.

The company offers services for the development, operation and maintenance of (inter)national telephone communications and data transfer. Its main source of income comes from renting out infrastructures to third parties.

75% of its revenues are linked to contracts that extend up to 2028. The Dutch mobile telephony infrastructure market comprises five operators that manage a total of 1,500 sites, 261 of which belong to Towerlink, which complement the own network rolled out by the big three phone companies in the country (KPN, TMobile and Vodafone), plus Tele2, which offers exclusively 4G services. The Netherlands has a total of 15,200 sites spread throughout the country.