Relazione sulla Politica di Responsabilità Sociale Corporativa

Cellnex Telecom has adopted the “IR International Framework” (Integrated Report) as a standard for its corporate reporting. In this respect, the Cellnex Telecom’s Integrated Annual Report includes a reporting model that promotes a more cohesive and efficient approach to information on different dimensions or “capitals” in which the company, as an economic and social organization, expresses itself: the financial, the industrial, the intellectual, the human, the social, the relational and the natural capitals.

In its development, the Integrated Report provides the necessary information and data to enable the company’s stakeholders to be informed and to have knowledge and a well-founded opinion regarding the organization and its external environment; the Corporate Governance; the Business Model; the Risks and Opportunities; the Resources Allocation; the Performance and Prospects.

The Integrated Report also includes the information in relation to the annual progress on the effective deployment of the six pillars on which the 2016-2020 Corporate Responsibility Master Plan is built and which are reflected in the Cellnex Telecom’s CR Policy which is also prepared and approved by the Board of Directors. It also establishes the interrelation of the different Contents with the indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative in its G4 version.

In light of the above, the preparation of the Report on the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is included in the relevant sections of the Integrated Report, to which Cellnex Telecom refers in order to comply with the recommendation 6 of the Code of Good Governance.

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