Commissioni del Consiglio

Audit and Control Committee (ACC)CategoryData AppointmentPosition
Bertrand Boudewijn KanIndependent16/02/2017P
Francisco José AljaroDominical17/04/2015
Leonard Peter ShoreIndependent16/02/2017
Mary Annabel Gatehouse29/06/2015S
Appointments and Remuneration Committee (ARC)CategoryData AppointmentPosition
Giampaolo ZambelettiIndependent17/04/2015P
Pierre BlayauIndependent16/02/2017
Josep Maria CoronasDominical17/04/2015
Marieta del RiveroIndependent27/07/2017
Javier Martí de Veses29/06/2015S

The responsibilities and functioning of the committees, Audit and Control and Appointments and Remuneration Committee, are incorporated in the Board of Directors Regulations.

ACCAudit and Control Committee CNRAppointments and Remuneration Committee